Why You Need an Enterprise Cloud Managed Service Provider

As cloud environments become more complex, managed service providers must provide the right combination of services to meet the expectations of current and future users in a fully mixed cloud model.

What is less obvious for the same companies is how they choose to manage their new cloud environment.

Some will do it themselves. Others will consult with a talented managed service provider (MSP) to help them overcome the challenges associated with quantitative transformation into a specific type of cloud environment. The third group will interact with a major task oriented orbital service provider: managing mixed environments, including data center resources, special clouds, and/or one or more common clouds.

Before discussing management options and evaluating what should be considered when making decisions on the management of the region, let's quickly consider the problems that can be created by an incomprehensible strategy:

Increased operational risk. If an error occurs when a cloud is deployed, it affects the organization’s ability to generate revenue-generating activities, such as sales management and supply chain. Increased security risk Applications work in a common cloud, the attack surface is larger. If the cloud is built without proper security, it can create an open door for intruders. Reduced cost. Without the right support, you can switch to the cloud to spend more money and save more time than the analysis can cost. In the current competitive business environment, these problems are no longer needed by enterprises. As a result, organizations should consult with relevant experts to ensure that cloud-based applications evolve as easily as possible and that their business meets future IT needs.

Working with a provider to service everything

As more companies turn to the cloud, many are attracted to service providers specializing in implementing and managing one of the three most popular cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. These MSP schemes usually have the tools and experience in a cloud solution. , but what if the implementation involves a lot of clouds or resources in the data center environment? Most SMBs are still cloud stores, and many of them cannot serve multiple IT environments.

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Last Update On 19th December 2018